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Home Make Choosing a Roofing Contractor Easy
Make Choosing a Roofing Contractor Easy
  • By Premier Siding and Window Sales
  • News , Roofing

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook Page back in March of this year we were very happy and excited to announce that Premier Siding and Window Sales earned the title of an IKO ShieldPRO plus+ Certified Roofer.

Being the only company in Newfoundland and Labrador who has earned this certification, we are very proud of it.  More importantly, this certification brings with it many meanings to our clients, all of which can be summarized into a few words: TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE, and QUALITY.

Now you may ask yourself, what does a certification like this mean and why should it have meaning to me?  Let us share with you exactly what earning this certification means.

First of all earning this certification means that we are a solid company that has proven ourselves in the marketplace and have been in business for a minimum of 5 years.  Knowing that you will be working with a business that has earned its spot in the market by providing value and quality to its clients for many years can ease your mind when trying to decide on the right contractor.

The second item that is required to earn this designation is to have no outstanding issues or complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  We take our work seriously and our clients even more seriously when it comes to their satisfaction.  We strive to earn the respect and trust of everyone we work with and this is evident through our clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

Many contractors seem to work from a mobile number and a truck.  Sound familiar?  Well, this brings us to the next two criteria that are needed to be an IKO ShieldPRO plus+ Certified Roofer.  This certification brings with it ease of mind because we have a brick and mortar location with a legitimate address, business phone number, and full staff committed to your satisfaction.  Layered on top of this, we carry all the necessary coverage such as sufficient worker’s compensation plans and liability insurance.  These things are in place not just for our protection, but also the protection of our clients.  With the proper coverage in place all parties involved are covered should anything go wrong.

The final criterion that is needed to earn such a high standard certification is to be in good standing with suppliers.  The relationships we have with our suppliers are just as important to us as the relationships with our clients.  Being in the good books of our suppliers allows us to do the proper job for you, and for you not to have a worry in the world.  This one is a very crucial one because if you ever deal with a contractor that doesn’t have good credit with their suppliers, you could risk losing your home!  Did you know that if a contractor does work for you, you pay them for the job but they never pay their suppliers, the suppliers can put a lien on your home?  One detail so small, yet so significant and most people don’t realize the potential risk.

As an IKO ShieldPRO plus+ Certified Roofer you can be sure that you are getting all this plus more!  Knowing now what it means to hire a roofing contractor with this certification should make your decision easy.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch or drop by our place of business at 69 Premier Drive, Corner Brook, NL.

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