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A Fusion Stone Featured Project

How Premier Siding delivered on their client’s dream design

The project

When Jamie Fowlow saw that his favourite house in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, was up for sale, he knew he had to buy it. He was already getting set up to develop a different plot of land, but this property was special.

Built in 1959 by the previous owners, it was a unique home with a funky layout and eclectic, original features, including full tree trunk columns a cast-iron spiral staircase, Spanish felt wallpaper and a brick woodstove. But while Jamie loved the character of the house, it needed significant repairs.

Inspired by the existing space as well as trends he’d admired over the years, Jamie whipped up his own amateur design plans and brought them over to Gord Andrews and the team at Premier Siding & Window Sales – a leading exterior home renovation company in Newfoundland.

The challenge? Realize Jamie’s vision for the home, which called for a modern update that kept the character of the house intact.

Choosing stone: Honouring an old home during a transformation

When the property was taken down piece by piece, many features were preserved, and old materials saved and repurposed.

Yet, crucial to keeping that sense of history alive – but up to date – was incorporating modern materials. A stone look was ideal for this goal since its ageless charm balances contemporary design and function with a timeless, textured character.

The team at Premier, led by a top installer named Andrew, refreshed the dated brick exterior elements using a moody Carbon colour of Fusion Stone in the Great Lakes style. The stone veneer contrasts perfectly with a modern orangey-coloured cedar look that updated the original aging shingles on the walls.

To maintain the authenticity and sensibility of the home, Jamie even raised and refaced a giant chimney in the same Fusion Stone material – even though the new design features a propane fireplace, which doesn’t use a chimney at all.

That fireplace takes centre stage indoors at the heart of the home, with an epic floor-to-ceiling stone veneer surround positioned in the same spot as the original woodstove. Although the original fireplace was brick, the team brought the fireplace into the 21st century by facing it with Fusion Stone to match what was applied outside for a cohesive style and spirit.

Choosing Fusion Stone: Where form and function meet

While he had a strong vision for the design, when choosing materials to best deliver on these ideas, Jamie looked to the folks at Premier. Long-time fans of Fusion Stone, they recommended the mechanically-fastened stone veneer since it had the natural look Jamie wanted while also being maintenance free and long-lasting.

Another benefit was being able to use the same product inside and out, with an easy, no-mortar installation that cut out drying time and kept the project moving ahead.

“It’s great for curb appeal and our team likes installing it; they find it easy to use,” says Premier’s owner-operator Gord. He also values that you don’t have to worry about moisture getting behind an exterior Fusion Stone wall due to the system’s air gap and built-in rainscreen technology.

The colour, shapes and practicality of Fusion Stone were just right for achieving modern convenience with a classic stone feel.


Jamie has now lived in the completed home for about six months, and he’s thrilled with how it’s been transformed – and honoured – through the two-year project.

It was a massive exterior and interior overhaul that somehow maintained the spirit of the house. As Jamie describes it: “It’s the exact house, but newer, modern.”

“It’s amazing to see how close it is to the design I provided,” he says. “It turned out even better than what I had in mind.”

Jamie appreciates the cohesive feeling achieved by using the same stone inside and out too. He loves how natural Fusion Stone looks and the inky Carbon colour he chose, enjoying the beautiful contrast it creates with the modern orange siding and black trim outside and with his repurposed wooden shelves above the fireplace inside.

For their part, the Premier team take pride in their work and what a journey the project was. They may even be on call for when Jamie’s ready to install a final reclaimed wooden shelf that’s etched with the initials of everyone involved in creating this special home.

In the end, it’s come full circle for Jamie as the original property owners he bought the house from were the same couple he bought his business from when he first arrived in Corner Brook over twenty years ago.

Check out the details on the stone, see how it might look on your own property and follow Premier Siding & Window Sales @PremierSiding.